HLB:  I recently found myself on safari with Ernest Hemingway (Full disclosure: Ernest Hemingway is a shih tzu while safari is a dirty portion of Amsterdam Avenue in New York City), when I experienced my proudest moment, catching a rabbit using nothing but my snubbed nose and bare paws (Full disclosure: by rabbit Harriet means the remnants of a pizza crust sticking out of the trashcan). What do you consider to be your proudest moment so far?
Lauren Oliver: This is kind of cheesy, but I’m not sure that my proudest moment would be career-related. I am very proud of being a good daughter, friend, and partner to my fiance. Of course, I am deeply proud of all my books, but I’m proud for challenging myself and pushing myself to write in different genres, not really of one thing specifically.
HLB:  When I’m not working, I often relax by rubbing my heavily wrinkled face against stark white walls, obsessively licking leather furniture, and snoring loudly while asleep. How do you like to spend your free time?
Lauren Oliver: I snore not-so-loudly when I’m asleep too! I like to read (of course), eat, cook, drink wine with my friends, run, dance around my living room, and travel.