School of Fear ™
368 pages
Published 2009
by Little, Brown Books for Young Readers

School of Fear ™

Dear Applicant,

I am pleased to inform you of your acceptance to the summer course at School of Fear. As you already know, School of Fear is an exceedingly select institution, run by the elusive Mrs. Wellington, aimed at eradicating children’s fears through unorthodox methods. The small group of parents, doctors, alumni, and teachers aware of our existence vigilantly maintain our anonymity. It is at the discretion of this small group that students are referred. We strongly advise all incoming applicants and their families only to discuss School of Fear in the confines of their home with the television on, water running, and dog barking.

On behalf of Mrs. Wellington and the entire School of Fear staff, I would like to welcome you.

Warm regards,
Dictated but not read
Lead Counsel to Mrs. Wellington and School of Fear
Munchauser and Son Law Firm