Monster High – GFHF
272 pages
Published 2013
by Little, Brown Books for Young Readers

Monster High – GFHF

“Ouch!” Venus McFlytrap screeched as she quickly released her hand from the gate. “Can someone please explain why we’re down here so early? My vines haven’t even woken up yet,” she grumbled, rife with attitude, before stifling a yawn.

The emerald-skinned daughter of the plant monster then draped her long pink-and-green- striped hair over her pet potted plant, Chewlian. Much like a curtain, it shielded him from the blazing sun.

“Poor Chewy. I think his leaves are wilting,” Venus said as she tenderly watched him snap at a passing gnat. “Well, at least the heat hasn’t affected his appetite.”

“C’est très important that I never mislead anyone. Therefore, I would like to preface this statement by reminding you that I am neither a trained botanist nor a horticulturist,” Rochelle Goyle explained formally in her charming Scarisian accent.