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A little bit about Harriet the literary bulldog: Harriet is a highly regarded connoisseur of literature, grumpy facial expressions, and all that is edible. She does not take kindly to being woken up from naps, dieting, or being referred to as “he” by ill-mannered humans on the street. While already a celebrity in her own mind, she is now creating quite a frenzy as the world’s first canine literary critic.
Harriet, the bulldog

Harriet interviews LAUREN OLIVER, the New York Times bestselling author of Before I Fall and Delirium, for her inaugural column.


HLB: Hello Miss Oliver, may I call you Miss Oliver? I feel Lauren is a bit too familiar; as you know English bulldogs are very keen on manners (The legal department of the Literary Bulldog wishes to make the following disclosure: 99% of all English bulldog owners and veterinarians disagree with this statement).  As I am not only a big fan of your work, but a big fan of my own work, I have very high hopes for this interview…shall we begin?
Lauren Oliver: Let’s do it!

Monster High – GFHF
272 pages
Published 2013
by Little, Brown Books for Young Readers

Monster High – GFHF

Unfettered by even the faintest wisp of cloud, a large wrought-iron gate shimmered brightly in the sunshine.

The landscape was empty and eerily still, save for a few silky spider threads fluttering around the spindly black bars. Looming in the distance, just behind the fence, was the Gothic window–filled facade of Monster High. And though everything appeared just as bright and cheerful as it always did, something ominous lingered in the air— something that hinted at unfinished business.

Three shadows crept slowly toward the gate, instantly altering the barren landscape. Distorted by the sun, their arms, legs, and torsos morphed in and out of carnival-mirror caricatures. Breaking away from the pack, a long and sinewy arm reached for the fence, wrapping five fingers tightly around the bars.


Gitty Daneshvari
As a child Gitty Daneshvari talked and talked and talked. Whether yammering at her sister through a closed door or bombarding her parents with questions while they attempted to sleep, she absolutely refused to stop chattering until finally there was no one left to listen. In need of an outlet for her thoughts, Gitty began writing and she hasn’t stopped since.

Gitty is the author of the middle grade series SCHOOL OF FEAR, SCHOOL OF FEAR 2: CLASS IS NOT DISMISSED and SCHOOL OF FEAR 3: THE FINAL EXAM (Little Brown For Young Readers). She is also the author of the adult romantic comedy THE MAKEDOWN (Grand Central).

She currently lives in New York City with her highly literate English bulldog Harriet. And yes she still talks too much.